G.I. Joe: Elite Ops

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Special Teams For Special Missions

Not every member of the G.I. Joe team needs to be on the active main roster.  These teams of specialist operate independently of the main team or are called in for special missions.

The AdventureTeam

The Adventure Team is called upon to investigate anomalies around the world from legendary creatures to crying statues.  Everything has an explaination and they find it.

Sigma Force

The Sigma Force is the publicity team of G.I. Joe. A well balanced team of individuals to demostrate G.I. Joe's diversity of members.

Tiger Force

Originally a small group of teachers that trained G.I. Joe members in the operation and destruction of enemy vehicles.  It was decided that their skills were better suited to field work as a small team called in only occasionally.

The Marauders

A small group of veterans handpicked by Sgt. Slaughter to operate under the radar.  The U.S. government doesn't even know they exist.