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Jonkit Wong

Jonkit Wong was an assassin for the Chen family.  One of the best and a pure professional until he met her.  The daughter of a rival gang leader and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  He began to see her in secret and they developed a love like no other.  His boss found out about the affair and gave him one chance to end things with her peacefully.  Jonkit could not end it and chose to stay with her.  His boss sent assassins to kill her as Jonkit was restrained and forced to watch.  He was beaten and left with her dead body.  News of the murder rocked the Japanese underground and her father declared war on the Chen family.  He blamed Jonkit for her death and sought revenge on him first and foremost.  His assassins took the distraught Jonkit into the wilderness to torture and kill him.  Jonkit welcomed death and hoped it would come soon.  As he was being beaten, two men approached from a nearby cabin to investigate to noise.

The two strangers fought off the assassins and saved Jonkit.  They helped him back to the cabin and nursed him back to health.  When he came around they introduced themselves as Tommy Arashikage and Jason Styles, also known as Storm Shadow and Shadow Strike.  Tommy made the promise to help Jonkit cope with his loss and teach him inner peace.  At the end of the training, if Jonkit still wanted revenge on the two families then he would help him get it.  Jonkit agreed to these terms and Storm Shadow took on his second apprentice, Ghost.