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Stuart A. Finley

Coming from a well to do family, Metalhead should know better than to do the things he does.  But as a child he grew bored with having everything so he started blowing it all up.  Even into his teenage years he was destroying everything he was given until finally his father said he had enough and told him to get out.  Metalhead in turn blew up his parents house when they left for vacation.  Word of his expertise at destruction got around and he was invited to MARS and hired as an aide to Scrap Iron.  After Scrap Iron defected to Cobra, Metalhead was promoted as lead weapons tester for MARS.  Its a position he truly loves and he takes care of these new toys he's given.  Not much of one for testing grounds, Metalhead thinks the best place to try out the latest MARS weaponry is on the battlefield with the Iron Grenadiers.