Shadow Strike

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Jason Styles

Jason Styles joined Cobra as a last choice.  He wasn't able to hold a job and he was continuously pushed around on the streets.  So he figured not being able to make a honest living or being able to make it in the criminal world he could join Cobra and exist there as nothing more than a soldier.  The period he joined was during Storm Shadow's last brainwashing and Tommy was fighting the effects.  He noticed Jason and something about him stood out.  Tommy made a conscious effort to shake the brainwashing and take Jason under his wing.  Jason knew nothing of Tommy's plan to escape Cobra and was still loyal to Cobra Commander as he began his training under Storm Shadow as the newly christened Shadow Strike.

Tommy had kept Jason out of battle throughout his training.  He did not want Jason to enter a fight because he was ordered to.  He wanted Jason to be able to make up his own mind when he would use his skills.  But Cobra Commander was eager to put his new assassin to the test and ordered Shadow Strike to infiltrate G.I. Joe and kill the new G.I. Joe ninja Kamakura.  Tommy had to make his move earlier than planned to save Jason and filled him in on his plan to leave Cobra and restart his Arashikage Clan in Japan.  Jason was angered at first by Tommy's deception, but as he searched his feelings he found he did not want to do Cobra Commander's bidding.  That night under the cover of darkness he followed Tommy out of Cobra HQ and they made their escape to Japan.  Here Jason helped Tommy setup the clan home all the while still training under him.  He has become Tommy's shadow and hopes to be the master of the clan one day.