Storm Shadow

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Tommy Arashikage

Veteran.  Martial arts expert.  Assassin.  Hero.  Killer.  Savior.  No other man can make the claims Tommy Arashikage can.  He has come to peace with himself and asked forgiveness from all those he has wronged.  He knows that as long he is connected with G.I. Joe then Cobra will seek to ruin him as always.  He would choose death over another brainwashing and the only way he can hope to end the fight is to remove himself from it.  He has returned to Japan and restarted his family's Arashikage Clan by taking on apprentices who he sees lost and need a path to follow.

But no matter where Tommy goes the world will not let him disappear.  Many members of G.I. Joe have contacted him, officially and unofficially, but everytime they are turned away.  He explains that he cannot help and wishes to remain away from the fight between Cobra and G.I. Joe. 

Cobra is not as polite in trying to "recruit" Storm Shadow back to their cause and have made several attacks on the Arashikage Clan home.  In every instance Tommy and his apprentices have fought them off but Tommy knows that one day that they will attack with a force that cannot be overpowered.  He just hopes his apprentices will be able to end his life when they see their master being taken by Cobra.