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Is He Human

Not very much is known about Vapor.  It is known that he entered Cobra at the trooper level and worked his way up to a Strato-Viper, the most elite division of the Cobra Air Corps.  From their he became an experimental test pilot for Cobra.  It is around this time that his personality changed and he stopped socializing with everyon and keeping to himself.  And this is around the time the rumors started. 

Its been said that he was not only a pilot of experimental aircraft but he was an experiment himself.  Talk spread of his precise marksmanship in the air and it was said he had a direct connection from his optical nerves to his targeting computer.  Others claimed his body had undergone surgery to withstand the increased g-forces of The Hurricane and other new craft and anyone who was to pilot them would have to undergo the same surgery.  The new robotic helmet he was seen in added fuel to the talk that he was being turned into an android by Cobra scientists.  But no one knows if any of these rumors are true, because if asked Vapor just returns a cold, hard stare that feels if he is looking straight through the person.

Vapor is a nightmare in the skies and has caused the G.I. Joe pilots a few sleepless nights.  His aim is true and his piloting skills are unmatched.  His Hurricane VTOL is capable of amazing maneuvers that any man should not be able to withstand.  The only way to come away from an aerial battle with Vapor alive is to retreat before it starts.  He is on G.I. Joe top ten threats list and every Joe is aware of the chances they take when engaging this man.