Wild Weasel

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Wild Weasel learned his skills during the bush wars in South America and Africa.  He has since honed his skills as Cobra's first and top pilot.  He has grown cocky over the years and he has very few friends left.  Every conversation gets steered towards trajectory calculations and other targeting mumbo jumbo.  He thinks when people shun him its because they are in awe of him and not because he is boring to be around.

Wild Weasel does have every reason to be cocky.  He is an exceptional bomber pilot and can navigate the nap of the earth like most people can get out of bed.  His aim is precise and he is ruthless.  The only thing he likes better than lining up Joe vehicles in his sights is to see the mangles steel left behind when he is done.  He is unpredictable in the skies and this makes taking him down in a dogfight near impossible.